The idea of Moondance Stories came about while helping a friend collect memories for her personal memoir. The enjoyment and ease of that project moved me to do this work for others.

The interest of listening to people recount their stories comes from my background as a counselor. Everyone has a story worth sharing, the trick is knowing how to tell it. With carefully planned questions, memories come back.

Life story can be a precious gift we ask of our elders. What did my grandparents do before TV? Did my grandfather play sports? What was life like when they were teenagers? It’s not just the story, but how they felt when it was happening. This gets to the essence of a person.

Telling your story is a way to share experiences, insights, wisdom and humility. It connects the generations.

Surprisingly, it will give you a wider vision of your life and a realization of your life’s fullness. The family keepsake album honours our lives, stories and our times.